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Competitive Mindset Coaching for the Student Athlete


Whether in their sport, or in life in general, a student athlete needs more than the skills to win. They also need the will to win.

The J. Hawkwood Company Competitive Mindset coaching for the student athlete is designed to help hone focus and determination to help participants become confident, focused athletes and students. This one–on–one course (either live or via the web) is designed to instill confidence through coaching and additional training.

  • Generally six to ten hours of one-on-one coaching in one to four hour blocks
  • You decide how often and how soon
  • Either in person (Metro-Detroit Area) or via live web meetings
  • Multiple follow up meetings to keep knowledge up to date
  • 1,000 (US), payable in 3 installments of 367 (US) each
  • 110% Satisfaction Guarantee

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