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Sep 01, 2014

When Not to Negotiate

Knowing when not to negotiate is just as important as knowing how to negotiate. Being able to suppress your desire to “win” and keep your eye on your end objective can be a tough skill to cultivate. There are situations,…

Mar 26, 2014


Empowerment. This term has been bantered about a great deal in recent years, but what is it, and how can leaders develop it within their teams?  By definition, as provided by, “empowerment is to give power or authority to; authorize,…

Feb 10, 2014

Six Sigma from the Top Down

by Marc A. Voorhees, Jr.  (Guest Blogger – MPM Consulting ) Over the past several years, I have had the good fortune of working with several industry leaders as a process improver.  Individual projects succeeded or failed due to myriad…

Jul 07, 2013

The Toxic Boss

What is a bad boss? Not everybody’s experience of a bad boss is the same.  To me, a really toxic boss is the kind of boss that actively makes sure life is miserable at work, someone who interferes with employees’…

Jun 12, 2013

Bring your ‘A’ Team

Somewhere along the line, every workplace is confronted with being short-staffed. I ran into this a year or so ago. It wasn’t the first time in my career I’d dealt with having too few people to fill all the jobs…

Jun 05, 2013

Believe in Yourself

Have you ever been given a responsibility that you were unsure you were ready for?  It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.  Here is my story and how I successfully overcame my anxiety and successfully filled…